# Crafting

# Grappling Hook

The grappling hook is an increibly versatile item that you can use to move around like a ninja! When you use the grappling hook, your fall damage is reduced by up to 3 times, so you should be ok to do some daring jumps!

Using the grappling hook slowly depletes its durability; so enchanting it with unbreaking might be a good idea!


Ingredients: 1 tripwire hook, 1 chain, 1 fishing rod


The Trajectory of the hook's "fishing bobber" is different, so you can shoot the grappling hook "bobber" a lot further than you could with a normal fishing rod. The grappling hook attaches to all blocks that you can stand on.

You can pull the grappling hook inwards whenever it touches a block. This can not only be the top, but also the side of a block as well as the bottom!

# Golem Mitts

The Golem mitts allow you to pick up and carry any entity! This includes things like cows, cats, arrows, but also things like falling blocks (like anvils and sand), villagers, boats and even players.


ingredients: 5 leather, 1 netherite scrap, 1 gold ingot

Use the golem mitts by right clicking an entity with them. Release your entity at any time by right clicking again.

You can throw your carried entity in the direction you're facing by left clicking the mitts. You throw further when you're sprinting!

Carrying a chicken will allow you to fall more slowly.

You can even carry entities with you while you use the Elytra, while you use the dash ability or when you teleport using an ender pearl.


# Vanilla Tweaks

# Name Tags

The name tag can be crafted as follows:


ingredients: 2 leather, 1 string, 1 ink sack/black dye

# Trampoline


Dried kelp blocks function as trampolines in the campgrounds world.

Make a block out of dried kelp and then walk on it, it will launch you in the air! How far you launch depends on your camera angle and your sprint state.

You jump farthest when you look up at a 45 degree angle while sprinting. You launch the least when you walk on slowly looking straight down.

This makes the trampolines a highly versatile launcher where you can precicely control each time how far you go!

# Easy Stone Types

You can create the different stone types (Andesite, Ganite, Diorite) By putting cobblestone in the stonecutter


# Colourful Coral

Normally when you take coral out of the water in minecraft, it decays and turns gray. In the campgrounds this doesn't happen, so these colourful blocks become available for building cool structures!


If you want to use the dead (gray) versions of the coral blocks, putting them in a stonecutter will do the trick!

# Ender Pearl

Since there is many more movement options available, the throw distance of the ender pearl has been increased

# Final Notes

If you decide to break a custom item after placing it down, it might lose its name and description. This is caused by a limitation in minecrafts inner workings.


These meta-less items will still function normally, however they might not stack with the originals. In this case, you can turn them back to normal simply just by placing them in your crafting grid.

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