# Healing

# How does it work?

The health system in the campgrounds has completely been overhauled.

After filling your hunger bar past 6 the system will check your health.


If the food you ate has a higher health-rating than your current health, you will regenerate the remaining yellow hearts once every 45 ticks until the cap is reached. These yellow hearts 💛 disappear when you take damage, so make sure to eat plenty! You can eat food even when your hunger bar is fully saturated!

The amount that food heals you is determined by its rarity/difficulty to obtain. This heath system may be rebalanced as time goes on.


Note: You can no longer craft suspicious stew; it's an item you need to find!

# On Death

When you die, you lose all of your current yellow hearts. Fortunately, the system is pretty generous, so you will be restored up to 10 hearts right after respawning.

# Increasing base health

You start out with three hearts, but you can obtain two more by eating different types of food. You unlock one more heart at 10, and then another at 20 types of food.

The system's yellow hearts regenerate slower than red ones, and are also dependent on food type. Therefore, it is better to have more red hearts.

In the future there will be custom dungeons that you can try and tackle, these will give you the remaining 5 red heart containers.

Last Updated: 9/12/2020, 4:22:59 AM