# Abilities

Abilities are special skills that allow you to become faster and stronger. Once an ability is learned, it can be triggered for free at any time without using any commands or items. They are very powerful permanent upgrades.

You can type /abilities to toggle/manage your abilities.

There are currently 3 abilities that you can learn.

# Dash

The Dash ability is like a dash from a metroidvania game. It allows you to dash forwards by quickly tapping shift in the air. The Dash recharges instantly whenever you touch the floor.

With a bit of practice, the dash ability allows you to get up ledges that are about 5-6 blocks high. It also allows you to run faster than usual by repeatedly dashing.

On top of this, the dash ability gives you a free Elytra take-off anywhere.

Dashes are the perfect movement upgrade.

# Stride

The Stride ability allows you to dolphin jump by resurfacing from water while sprinting. A good dolphin jump you can probably get you up 15-16 block structures on land. On top of being able to swim faster, Stride users can also mine three times as fast underwater.

The buff is activated by pressing shift while your head is underwater. It lasts longer with respiration helmets.

Stride is the perfect exploration upgrade.

# Phase

The Phase ability allows you to phase through walls for a very short amount of time. No structure will ever stand in your way ever again!

Activate this ability by right clicking a block with an empty hand.

It's easy to phase horizontally and downwards, but phasing upwards proves to be more difficult.

Phase is the perfect building (and snooping 👀) upgrade.

# Where to find

  • Perhaps you can learn of these abilities by exploring the floating island near spawn... (at 0,0)

  • Perhaps you can learn one of these abilities by exploring a nearby ocean monument or stronghold...

  • Perhaps you can learn one of these abilities by exploring end cities...

Last Updated: 9/12/2020, 4:37:16 AM